4 Zodiacs Whose Love Lives Will Matter Most This Virgo Season

Virgo Virgo, this season is about you, especially in your 1st House of Self and Identity. However, self-perception and self-care can affect relationships, especially during self-discovery.

Sun and Mercury Retrograde in your 1st House may cause conflicting feelings about who you are and how you express yourself. Mars, the planet of drive and ambition

Pisces Pisces, Virgo rules your 7th House of Relationships, thus they will be your emphasis this season. As the Sun and Mercury Retrograde enter this house, your relationships may be illuminated. 


This may offer new information about your relationship and help you decide how to handle it. You may also want to tell your spouse how you feel but can't find the perfect words—think before you say anything you'll regret. 

Aquarius Aquarius, you may be thinking, “Can’t I catch a break?” in relationships, but this emphasis is required. With the Sun and Venus Retrograde in your 7th House of Relationships, Leo season has been exciting and hectic.

Venus isn't leaving, but the Sun and Mercury Retrograde are entering your 8th House of Bonds and Shared Resources

Taurus : Virgo season awakens passionate and creative aspirations, so pay attention in the next weeks. The Sun and Mercury Retrograde will be in your 5th House of Romance and Creativity

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