The most sympathetic zodiac signs?

PISCES (Latin: Pisces, which is a water sign and is ruled by Neptune, is considered to have one of the most compassionate personalities of all the zodiac signs. Those who are born under this sign have a remarkable ability t

Their hearts are wide open, and their perceptions are finely tuned to pick up on the nuances of human emotion that are often overlooked. 

 They are good carers because their kindness soothes the minds and hearts of those around them, just like a comforting embrace would do.


THIS IS CANCER Compassion is exemplified in the unwaveringly protective nature of Cancer, which is another water sign ruled by the Moon.

The Cancerian's capacity for empathy extends far beyond words; it shows up in the way they intuitively assist those who are in need. 

 LIBRA Librans are inherently pleasant and diplomatic due to the fact that Venus rules the air sign of Libra. Those who are born under this sign are attuned to the emotions

 VIRGO Although Virgo, which is a sign of the earth and is ruled by Mercury, might not be the first sign that comes to mind when talking about compassion, this sign demonstrates its compassion via deeds of practical caretaking.

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