The Secret Ingredient for Juiciest Fried Chicken Canned

Cream of Chicken Soup for Fried Chicken This method has all the benefits of battered frying without the batter. Cream of chicken soup has the same consistency as batter

 but it's produced with different components and won't fry as well. Thus, you need a breading or flour layer to give it a crispy outside and keep the chicken soup close.

AllRecipes recommends adding an egg to the soup because it's a natural binder. The chicken is crispy outside and moist inside.


Breading for fried chicken can be bread crumbs, flour, or corn starch—anything that crisps up in oil. Season the breading with salt, pepper

 any other preferred ingredients (garlic powder and paprika are fantastic for smokey, spicy taste). After dredging and coating the chicken

The Best Fried Chicken TipsWhen frying chicken, use a heavy, straight-sided pan with ample oil. Submerge the chicken in oil to cook all sides at once and heat to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Oil is essential for tasty fried chicken, but use a high-smoke point oil like canola or peanut. Olive oil burns easily and alters flavor due to its lower smoke point. 

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