The Two Most Caffeinated Coffees

The buzziest prize is espresso and Turkish coffee. Consider the numbers first. A two-ounce cup of Turkish coffee

A single espresso shot (1 ounce) provides 75 mg of caffeine to wake you up after lunch. That number can vary substantially. 

caffeine amount depends on coffee beans, grind, and brewing method. We're talking bean roast (light or dark), ground fineness, bean-to-water ratio, and steeping time.


 caffeine should be consumed sparingly. The FDA urges healthy adults to limit caffeine to 400 mg per day. Further guidelines cut that proportion in half for pregnant women and another half for children under 12

Light roast coffee has more caffeine than dark roast, but the difference is minor. Most noticeable is the stronger taste of dark roast coffee.

The grind is a fact: finer grinds contain more caffeine. For fuller-bodied, more caffeinated coffee, fine grinds have a greater surface area that contacts more water during brewing

Another important aspect in brewing is heat. A hot cup of coffee has more caffeine because heat extracts caffeine and flavor from beans.

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