the world's toughest canine breeds

The Malinois, often known as a Belgian shepherd, is a smart and hardworking dog, but its high intelligence and work ethic make it a poor choice for inexperienced pet owners. 

 This breed of dog can be violent, therefore it's not a good choice for families with young children.  

Because of their intelligence, agility, and power, Malinois are used by law enforcement and military organizations all over the world.


Weight of a Bernese Mountain Dog: 79–110 lbs.

The bottom line is that despite their cheerful demeanor, these huge working dogs of the Swiss mountain dog type are not to be trifled with. They display formidable strength that must be respected. 

Bulldog, EnglishA bull was tethered to a stake, and the English bulldog was initially bred for the purpose of bullbaiting.

While the Irish wolfhound has a powerful bite, he is not an aggressive breed of dog. Because they are so hospitable to new people

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