These dogs have the most anxiety.

 German Shorthaired Pointer,This breed was established in 19th-century Germany for hunting. Hunting works because the dog stays close to the human and gets things done.

Active Hungarian breeds. They also want to please their owners outside. However, long-term isolation can drive them insane.

Regular Greyhounds are lively and agile, but Italians prefer to lounge with their friends. They enjoy field running too.


Cocker Spaniels are fun dogs. Gun dogs naturally want to be outside with their owners. This feature makes them great friends but can be difficult.

The moniker "Velcro dog" suits Vizslas since they cling close to their owners. They work hard to please their owners, but it may come at a cost.

Bichon Frises Require Much Care,They hate being apart from their masters. When their loving human friends are absent, they may become anxious

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