Top 5 Most Jealous Astrological Signs

Aries If Aries think someone is harming their relationship, job, or friendships, jealously ensues. They snap when insecure and have a short temper.

Scorpio Scorpio is the most jealous zodiac sign. This is mostly due to their strong overprotectiveness. Scorpios fear betrayal by loved ones, causing envy and wrath. 

They don't want to own their spouses, but they want full control over them.


Taurus Taurus, the bull, is possessive and jealous. They are faithful spouses who demand the same. When someone threatens their relationship, 

Cancer Cancers are kind and emotional. The Crab quickly bonds with individuals and becomes jealous when threatened. This is due to severe rejection anxiety. 

Leo This fire sign needs appreciation 24/7. They seek attention. When someone blocks them, the green-eyed monster appears. 

They talk about themselves to gain power and remind everyone how great they are when jealous.

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