Top 7 small dog breeds for loyalty to you and your family

If you couldn't tell by their clingy nature, Shih Tzus were originally intended to be companion dogs in Tibetan monasteries. One of the closest ties you'll ever have is with one of these lovable puppies

Chihuahuas may indeed exhibit the stereotyped fiery disposition, they are also extremely loyal to their human family members. Christie Long, a licensed veterinarian, has said, "Chihuahuas are very loyal to their people!" 

Whether you're going for a stroll, going on a hunt, or just hanging out at home, these lovable pups will make the perfect company. The American Kennel Club says that this breed's loyalty stems from the fact 


The smart and stubborn wiener dog may be difficult to train, but you won't have any trouble winning the canine's undying devotion. The American SPCA even claims that this breed's loyalty might lead to jealousy

This joyful and friendly dog, whose name literally translates to "monkey-like terrier," is one of the oldest little dog breeds. They have a long history as both working and companion dogs

Cardigan Welsh corgis are "affectionate, loyal, and smart," according to the American Kennel Club, so you know you're getting a fantastic companion

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