Top 8 ways having a cat is good for your health

Inquisitive and lively cats can spread energy. Keeping up with a cat's everyday antics or playing with them requires more exercise.

Chase laser pointers and dangle feather toys to interest your cat and get you moving. Cat play can improve flexibility and muscle strength

While having pets can be unpleasant when you're worried they'll get sick or can't stop them from breaking your blinds, they generally alleviate tension. 


Along with drugs and lifestyle modifications, pets can treat hypertension. A stockbroker study indicated that having a cat or dog reduced stress-induced blood pressure rises.

Your cat may combat heart disease. Studies indicated that cats reduced fatal heart attacks by 40%. Cats' calming effects may be the difference, or cat owners may be less likely to get heart disease.

You surely know that pets can help you smile when you're depressed, but even people with depression can benefit. Animal-assisted therapy is recommended by the National Institute of Mental Health

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