Troublesome Breeds: Dogs Only The Best Owners Can Train

Shih Tzus Get Their Way. Training Shih Tzus is difficult. They entice their owner into forgetting their misbehavior. Shih Tzus are stubborn or smart, but housetraining is difficult

Lakeland Terriers realize they're too smart for their own good. With their "big dog in a small package" attitude, this breed demands regular stimulation and gets bored with monotonous training.

Only a firm, engaging, and imaginative training method will work with Lakeland Terriers.It's Not Fun, A Bull Terrier Won't Bother


The American Kennel Club says, "This independent free-thinker values "fun and games" over work. If it's fun, Bull Terriers do it.

Bloodhounds Settled Fast Bloodhounds can be trained, but they must be trained quickly or they'll become stubborn. Owners who think they can untrain a Bloodhound are wrong. This dog refuses to learn a trick

Rottweilers Need Daily Training Although people-pleasers, Rottweilers take time and attention to train and behave. certain say the breed is trainable

Borzois Are Fierce Strong-willed, headstrong, and independent Borzois make training difficult for owners. Leash training is nearly tough

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