Unconventional Sweets Besides Cake and Cookies

Candy Acorns Holiday settings and fall desserts look great with acorn cookies. Mini vanilla wafers and Hershey Kisses form an acorn shape. 

Apple Crumble This fantastic apple crumble recipe tastes great. The buttery, cinnamon-topped crumble will reveal tender green apples. 

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 Each bite of this fall treat has sweet and tangy tastes with a wonderful crunch. Classic recipes like this are always a popular with young and old. Get the Recipe


Apple CrumblApple Dumplings Whipping Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings is simple. Beginning with crescent rolls and Mountain Dew soda! These simple apple dumplings require six ingredients. 

 When you want a sweet treat, you may cook them quickly and enjoy them warm or cold. Get the RecipeCaramel Apple Ice Cream Topping Drizzle caramel apple pie ice cream.

 Enjoying a caramel apple sundae with vanilla ice cream. Like apple pie with ice cream and caramel. This topping works on different delicacies

Lazy Cream Horns Discover the Lazy Cream Horns Recipe for a simple way to enjoy cream horns. Enjoy the pastry shell's crispness and the cream horn filling's fluffiness without the effort. 

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