Unknown Rare Dog Breeds

Norwegian Lundehund These pups were bred to hunt puffins so their name. In Norwegian, "lunde" denotes puffin and "hund" signifies dog. 

Otterhound These huge scent dogs are equally good on land and sea. They have webbed feet, a rare characteristic in hounds

Azawakh The Azawakh is a breed native to West Africa that looks like a Greyhound or Whippet. Lean and athletic, Azawakhs are playful and friendly


Beauceron This breed, the largest French sheep dog, is hardly unknown outside of France. Beaucerons herd, guard, and are great search and rescue dogs.

Bedlington Terrier A small lamb or a dog? It's Bedlington Terrier! These shaggy white pups aren't sheepish. They're fierce protectors and hunters. 

Biewer Terrier This little pup is commonly mistaken for a Yorkshire Terrier. The tri-colored Biewer Terrier was produced from a Yorkie in Germany.

Canaan Dog The Israeli national dog is the Canaan Dog. These ancient Middle Eastern dogs make good protectors and watchdogs today

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