Ways to Tell If Your Cat Loves You Despite Appearances

Cats show affection with gentle head butts, or “head bunting.” Cats push their heads on you to brand you with smell glands on their faces.

Cats always purr when happy. Your cat makes this calming sound to indicate contentment and affection, not merely breathing

Cats blink slowly to communicate “I trust you”. When your cat makes eye contact and then slowly closes its eyes, it feels safe and relaxed with you.


Cats may give you toys or their “hunt.” It may not be pleasant, but this conduct recalls their primal nature. Your cat shows their love by giving you these "gifts" like they would their family.

Kneading reminds cats of kneading their mother for milk as kittens. The repetitive paw motion indicates comfort and contentment.

When your cat cuddles or sleeps on your lap, it shows affection and security. Snuggling shows cats' emotional bond with you.

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