Top 24-Hour Restaurant in Your State

Al's Deli & Grill in Birmingham, Alabama Yelpers come for late-night gyros, kabobs, and huge baked potatoes with melty cheese. The popular "BBQ chicken baker"

Alaska: Leroy's Family Restaurant in Anchorage This greasy restaurant serves cheap omelets, hash browns, and loco moco. Join fellow bargoers in preventing tomorrow's hangover by arriving late.

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Arizona Tucson Taco Shop Co. This is where to find Tex-Mex. Tacos, burritos, and fresh toppings are finest served with sweet horchata.


Arkansas: Lucy's Diner, Rogers Yelp reviewers compliment this modest establishment for offering breakfast all day. Try a big serving of their crunchy hash browns to understand

California The Vista Yellow Deli Some Yelp users say entering this eatery is like entering a time capsule. Diners get cheap sandwiches, kettle chips, soups, and iced tea at this log cabin-themed restaurant with a winding stairway

Denver's Pete's Kitchen One Yelper said, "diners like this are a dying breed." Pete, the restaurant's namesake, poses with celebrities on the wall, and flat-top grills serve

Sammys Kitchen in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware This restaurant serves tuna salad sandwiches and fluffy chocolate chip pancakes, making it a popular among families before a beach day.

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