What kinds of dogs tend to live the longest?

Tie-tied standard schnauzer Cgoodall,A medium-sized dog measuring 35 to 45 pounds, standard schnauzers are friendly, attentive watchdogs, nice with kids,

Sealyham terrier,This 24-pound dog is alert, gregarious, and funny. Hair on their foreheads identifies these partners.

Pugs are little but strong. These dogs can be happy in the city or country, with youngsters or elderly persons, alone or in a group.


A golden red to dark copper coat with white markings distinguishes this medium-sized breed. Tollers are athletic, strong, and need outdoor enthusiasts. 

Norwich terrier ,A little over 10 inches tall and 12 pounds, this breed is one of the smallest working terriers for small vermin.

The Kerry blue terrier is known for its blue coat. This farm dog turned alert, versatile, and energetic guardian and family companion is named after its Irish birthplace. 

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