What's the Most Common Dog Breed in the United States?

Labradors These energetic, all-American dogs were the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for almost three decades. 

French Bulldogs Frenchies rated 14th in 2012. After placing second in 2021, the playful breed topped the list in 2022. Congrats, pal!

Golden Retrievers Golden retrievers are sociable, playful sporting dogs that are vigilant, self-confident, active, and energetic, but not watchdogs. 


 German Shepherds They are bright, loyal, faithful, and dignified. They can sprint fast. If bringing one home, buy a heavy-duty vacuum called "the German Shedde

Poodles The French national dog was a German hunting dog. Good swimmers and waterproof coats, great for duck hunting. In cold water, their beautiful haircut protects joints and essential organs

Bulldogs This breed is calm, brave, friendly, affectionate, and headstrong and prefers TV to walks

Rottweilers The dogs are "protective, not vicious—they read your cues," explains Katie Owens of Atlantahaus Rottweilers, German Rottweiler breeders since 1979. 

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