Aries: March 21–April 19 They schedule to stay busy. Their hours are extended. Stop napping. Exercise too much. Best they can, they distract themselves.

Gemini: May 21–June 20 When asked about their life, they give ambiguous answers. They ‘joke’ about wanting to die and make it sound insignificant. 

Cancer: June 21–July 22 They pretense smiles. They coerce laughter. They say they're alright. They act fine so no one else worries about them


Leo: July 23–August 22 They get mad over cereal shortages. Small things like sad advertising upset them. Because no one knows the situation but them, their feelings look arbitrary.

August 23–September 22: Virgo They're always exhausted. They continuously giving reasons not to hang out. They don't want to see friends or do things they used to enjoy. They want to rest.

Libra, September 23–October 22 They inquire if you need anything and proactively help. They let you treat them like crap and treat you like king. Because fixing others' issues is simpler than their own, they do it.

Scorpio, October 23–November 21 They drink. The curse. Walls are punched. They long-rant to buddies. They let their feelings out instead of hoarding them.

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