Why do dogs have bad moods?

Loneliness is a major contributor to canine depression. Dogs are pack animals that thrive with constant human companionship. Your dog may develop separation anxiety

You may prevent this by providing your dog with consistent social interaction. You can do things like take your dog to work with you if allowed,

Boredom is another cause of canine misery. Dogs, being highly clever creatures, require both mental and physical stimulation in order to thrive. 


Your dog will likely become bored and sad if he is left alone in the house all day. You can prevent this by providing your dog with plenty of physical and, more importantly, cerebral stimulation through play.

Your dog's mood may also suffer if it isn't getting enough to eat. For optimal health and happiness, canines require a diet that provides all the essential components. 

The lack of attention from their owners is another cause of canine depression. Because of their need to be the center of attention, dogs can get depressed and unhappy if they believe they are not getting enough attention from their owner

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