Women Say What Makes Men 10x Hotter

"What makes a man appealing in 5 seconds? Abs and a big smile. A little longer attractive? A good joke or compliment

Effort. Although it may not make you physically appealing, smelling and wearing ill-fitting, neglected clothes is the least attractive.

Wash and dress like you care about your appearance, and you will look much more appealing.You can see he's not self-centered.


How smart you are. Not necessarily brilliant, but passionate and energetic. Docility and blandness are unattractive. Y

You must have purpose.How you affect people. Women will read your character. He's possessive or protective? Kind and patient or irritable

 Was he honest? Yes, nurturing. That's why men with healthy, well-behaved dogs are approached more? How does he handle failures and disagreement

"When they're explaining a passion or interest they're really interested in, but genuinely, without showing off or knowing everything

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