Workout Bench Press Alternatives for Results

Dumbbell Triceps Extending A dumbbell in each hand, lie on the bench with feet on floor. Straighten dumbbells above chest. Arms should hang slightly over your head.

Get rid of sit-ups Bench should be 30–45 degrees angled. Lay with your feet at the high-end, hooking your heels over the bench back or using an ankle strap.

Step-Ups Face the bench, approximately a foot away. Step up with your right foot on the bench and your left knee high. Drop down.


Incline FlyHinge bench to flat seat and 45-degree back. Lean back with a dumbbell in each hand and sit with feet on floor. 

Raise Legs Hips and butt at one end of a flat bench, feet on floor. Over your head, grab the bench's opposite end for support, or beneath your lower back. 

Hold Fly Isometric The symmetry of dumbbells—weights balanced on either side of your grip—is beautiful. But holding the dumbbell at one end challenges more muscles and tests balance and strength.

Inclined Bench Press Elevate the bench 45 degrees. Overhand-grip the barbell shoulder-width apart and hoist it off the rack.

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