World's Least Obedient Dogs

Owners should love and train all dogs, especially young ones. However, certain breeds are more obstinate about obedience.

Remember that each dog has its unique personality and genetics, so compassion and patience help teach obedience, problem-solving, and socializing.

Confused by border collies on this list? It's absolutely reasonable. Border collies were never meant to be laid-back pets, despite their endless energy and work ethic. 


People who impulse-buy collie puppies because of their luxurious coats and exuberant personalities quickly learn they're in over their heads. 

The Spanish water dog is a loving family dog despite its silly, shaggy appearance. This breed was bred to herd and hunt, and they are very protective. 

Spanish water dogs are agile for their size and can learn tricks rapidly. Without useful outlets for their energy and drive to work, Spanish water dogs can run uncontrolled

Irish wolfhounds, the tallest dog breed, are gentle giants. They need lots of outside time and a high fence to prevent them from escaping the yard and chasing the neighbor's cat because to their size

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