Worst Dog Breeds for Disobedience

Characteristics of a Border Collie: Intelligent, devoted, and active

In conclusion, are border collies really included here? There's a decent explanation for it. Border collies are recognized for their high levels of activity and work ethic

People who fall in love with a collie on sight and make an impulsive purchase quickly learn that they are in over their heads. 


and obedient when given a job to do.Characteristics of a Spanish Water Dog: Loyal, Bright, and Sporty

The Spanish water dog, despite its silly, shaggy appearance, may be a devoted family pet. Their protective instincts are high 

Despite their small stature, Spanish water dogs are very agile, making them a good candidate for trick training. Unfortunately

Spanish water dogs are prone to misbehavior if their high levels of energy and drive are not properly directed.

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