Your Financial Outlook for September 16, 2023

Aries It's not hard to get a hole in one when playing miniature golf, but you probably don't want to be rewarded with false doubloons. It's scary to take the plunge into the real race,

Taurus What they say about the rich and the poor is common knowledge. Even if you haven't had direct contact with either, you've gained some understanding of the truth underlying the adage

Cancer The demographics of the people working on a project are just as crucial to its success as any other factor. More diversity in perspective is required in your team


Gemini While you may be optimistic about the state of the economy, others are not. That makes it even more challenging to win over skeptics than it was two years ago

Leo Your interest isn't completely dead, but it is waning. You need to stop allowing yourself to slumber and start looking for the fuel that will keep your own fire burning. 

Virgo There are times when having heightened sensitivity is an asset. Money always seems out of place, unfortunately. If you want to succeed financially, you must learn to take criticism from people

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