Your Zodiac Sign: Your Soda Brand

That Aries is the first sign in the zodiac makes sense as they adore being first. Fire signs, symbolized by the ram, are driven, confident, and straightforward.

Tauruses love comfort, and what's cozier than a drink of Vernors ginger ale, which Tasting Table scored first? When the stomach rumbles or nausea strikes, Vernors soothes.

Cancerians appreciate sharing their homes, which are their sanctuaries. house-cooked cuisine is their comfort food, and they are attached to their house and lives. 


People characterize Leos as warm, creative, passionate, and dramatic. They inspire others with their self-confidence, courage, and independence, making them natural leaders.

In the summer, any cold, sweet, fizzy drink tastes pleasant, but a Leo's drink should be especially summery. Craft soda should be used as these signals like luxury.

 Virgos enjoy doing small jobs that help others, especially if they can check them off their to-do list at the end of the day. 

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