Zodiac Signs' Friendship Breakup Responses

Born in Aries, these individuals are bold and assertive. If you cross them, you're dead. They will tell the truth first in a friendship breakdown. Never back down from an argumentTaurus is prone to friendship breakups

Gemini Geminis love sincere relationships and have faithful pals. Feeling undervalued or exploited makes them chilly. In a friendship split, people address difficulties first.

Cancer Cancers struggle to let go of friendships and accept what is no longer right. In a friendship breakdown, people may beg for reconciliation to influence the other person's viewpoint.


Leos tend to withdraw when they feel mistreated or betrayed. They realize life is better without toxins. 

Libra Libra's harmony and balance. They shun conflict and upheaval because they loathe it. They will immediately eradicate anyone who brings chaos within their bubble.

Virgo All interactions, especially friendships, are ride-or-die for Virgo. If they don't sense the same vibe, they'll leave.

Sagittarius A Sag is energetic. People with similar energy attract them. They hate Debbie Downers and complainers. 

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