Zodiac Signs That Tend To Run Away From Problem

The Impulsive Escaper Impulsive Aries frequently avoid difficulties rather than face them. They avoid conflict and unpleasant situations because they act before thinking. 

Intellectual Avoider Due to their intelligence and wit, Geminis can avoid problems by intellectualizing. 

Emotional Retreat Cancerians, sensitive and emotional, shrink from overwhelming problems. They burrow within their shells for emotional comfort


The Arrogant Avoider Leos frequently avoid issues to maintain their self-esteem. They may struggle to admit mistakes or seek help

Harmony Avoidance Libras, peacemakers, avoid conflict to maintain harmony. They hate conflict and would do anything to avoid it, even if it means disregarding issues. 

Escaper Dreamer When troubled, Pisceans, noted for their imagination, abandon reality. Avoiding reality, they daydream and fantasize. 

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